Login Huawei router

This guide will explain how to configure various sections of the Huawei router, such as the network section, the security section and the administration section.It is assumed that the router is connected to the Internet and that you have the necessary credentials to access the router’s web interface.

http //192.168.l00.1 huawei

192.168.l00.1 huawei login

Log in to huawei router 192.168 100 1

The Huawei router can be used to connect to broadband Internet and then share the connection with other devices. To connect to the Internet, a broadband modem is required. The router has an Ethernet WAN (WEB) interface that can be connected to a broadband modem.

Configuracion Wifi Huawei

It also has an Ethernet LAN interface for connecting other network devices, such as a computer or printer. To configure the router, you must access the router’s web interface. The web interface is a web application that runs on the router and allows you to configure and manage the router. To access the web interface, you must connect to the router and open a web browser.

In the browser address bar, type the IP address of the router, and then press Enter.

You may have wondered what is the IP address of the Huawei router, the IP address of the router is 192.168.l00.1. If you cannot access the router’s web interface, check that you are connected to the router and that the browser is configured to use the router’s IP address. Once you have accessed the router’s web interface, you must log in to the router.

To log in, you must enter the router’s user name and password. The default user name and password of the router are admin and the password admin. If you have changed the user name and password of the router, you must use the user name and password you have set up. After logging into the router, you are sent to the home page of the web interface. In the web interface, you can configure and manage the router.

Change Wifi Modem Huawei password

To change the WiFi key of the Huawei modem, you will need to access the web interface of the device. In most cases, the IP address for this is 192.168.100 1 or 192.168.l00.l depending on your modem. If it does not work, please refer to the device documentation or contact Huawei customer service.

Cambiar Clave Wifi Modem Huawei

Once you are in the web interface, look for the WiFi settings section. Here, you can change the password (WPS Security). Save the changes and you will have a new WiFi key for your Huawei modem.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Access the web interface of the device.
  2. Look for the WiFi settings section.
  3. Change the password (WPS password).
  4. Save the changes.

192.168.l00.0 Huawei Wifi Users and Passwords

The default user of the Huawei router is “admin” and the default password is “admin”. Sometimes you have to look behind your modem where you will see a label, this label contains the username and password of your Huawei router. However, depending on the router model you use, this may vary: 

192 l.168.10.1 huawei admin 1234
huawei 192.168.l00.1 login 1234 1234
192.168 1.1 huawei
192.168 l 00.1 huawei admin 12345678
http 192.168 or 100.1 huawei huawei admin
how to reset a huawei admin 123456
1.92.168.l.100.1 huawei router admin


Some of the most commonly used models are: 

  • Huawei eg8141a5
  • Huawei hg8145v5
  • Huawei hg8245h
  • Huawei hg9245w5

View Huawei Wifi password from cell phone

Many people forget their wifi password and don’t want to change the password so as not to unlink other devices. That’s why we are going to show you how to get the WiFi password from your Huawei mobile.

  1. Connect your Huawei device to the wifi of the network you want to access.Como Ver Contrasen%CC%83a Wifi Movil
  2. Open the settings menu of your device.
  3. Go to the Wireless and Networking tab.Codigo Qr Wifi 1
  4. Then in the Advanced option you will be able to see the password if not, follow these steps
  5. Click to generate the QR code.
  6. Once the QR code is generated we will look for a site that will decrypt the QR code that will contain the password of our wifi.Conseguir Claves Wifi Gratis

If you want, you can change the network access password from this same menu.

Remember that you must already be connected to your wifi network to be able to access and view the password.

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