About us

Welcome to 1921681001.tel, We are a team of engineers passionate about technology, with a deep focus on the world of private networks and router configurations. With years of experience and extensive technical knowledge, we have come together to offer help to «home» users in setting up digital electronics in their homes.

Our Mission Statement

At 1921681001.tel, our mission is to simplify the complex world of networking for everyone. From IT professionals to home technology enthusiasts, our goal is to provide accessible, accurate and cutting-edge information. We believe that easy access to expert information is key to empowering our users, allowing them to make informed decisions and maximise the potential of their private networks.

Our people:

Each member of our team has a strong background in telecommunications and network engineering. We have faced and overcome countless challenges in the field, giving us a unique and valuable perspective.


Rocío Tinoco

Product Support Engineer en Huawei

Huawei Solution Engineer – Innovating technology to connect the world.


Chief Architect at Huawei Technologies India

Raghun Andan, Huawei Network Architect – Designing digital infrastructures of the future.